My marvelous image

“She, Above”, Union Square, New York, NY

Fuerza Bruta, an off-broadway show in Union Square is basically an hour-long “performance rave”. Water and energetic explosions are main themes of the show which features a large ensemble cast running on treadmills while being sprayed with water while moving to the beat of drum and bass and electronic music. One of the best parts of the show is when a massive (probably) forty by forty foot plexiglass platform is suspended over the audience at varying heights (between one foot to fifteen feet) and filled with water. The lady cast members then run, play, dive and slam into in the transparent, water filled stage. The experience of being under is both exciting and frightening! Today’s photo is from that particular portion of the show.

Photo Taken April 18, 2010 • Pentax K-7, 77mm, f1.8, 1/400sec